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In a world that draws us deeper into technology every day, it might be time to get back to the garden.

We all know that eating a variety of organic fresh vegetables and fruits is good for our health. Yet, you may not know about the other benefits growing your own organic vegetable garden offers. Let’s look at a few:

1. A greener way of feeding ourselves and our family, no pun intended. While a backyard organic vegetable garden won’t halt climate change, it adds to the sustainability of our planet by using natural, rather than toxic ways to control pests and promote growth. Your produce will be fresh, seasonal and not trucked in from hundreds of miles away.

3 Benefits of Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden

2. Sustaining the community eco-system. A healthy, organic garden contains a variety of creatures, hard at work making your garden grow. Bees need plants and in return, they play a crucial role in pollenating your fruits and vegetables. Without them, trees won’t bear fruit and vegetables won’t set to become squash, beans, cucumbers, and a whole lot more. Every garden also needs its fair share of voracious good insects, like lady bugs, ground beetles and green lacewings to eat the garden pests that eat your garden.

3 Benefits of Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden

3. A quiet space to reconnect with nature and ground yourself. Whether you believe that digital devices are diminishing our ability to concentrate, or communicate face-to-face, we all experience distractions in our daily life. Taking the time to plan, plant and tend a garden can bring a great sense of accomplishment. It can also get you out into the sunshine, exercise your muscles and calm an overactive brain. For a couple or a family, the chance to work on something together could prove priceless.

April is not too late to plan and plant a patch of vegetable garden in Marin. According to Sunset Magazine, mid-to-late month you can plant the seeds for beans, corn, and squash and set out seedlings of eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes. This month, all types of citrus can be planted. Be sure to think about planting a variety of flowers that will attract the pollinators, like bees and hummingbirds, too.

3 Benefits of Your Own Organic Vegetable GardenMany individuals concerned about chemical toxins in house cleaning products also avoid eating produce grown with pesticides. One way to ensure a pesticide free salad is to grow your own. One way to ensure your home is cleaned, free of toxins, is to call and book an appointment with us today!


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