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Summer is often the time of year that home improvement projects begin.

You may be planning a new kitchen makeover, an upstairs addition or an expanded family room. Whatever the project, life will be a bit topsy turvy for the duration of the construction work. There are steps you can take to make life a bit less stressful and keep your house cleaner in the process.

If you have allergies, or sensitivities to dust, any construction project can be a cause of concern for you or your family.


  1. Clean as you go.

Be prepared to use your vacuum cleaner more often. That may mean vacuuming daily, along with dusting surfaces you can’t vacuum. Dust will also be stirred into the air, just by dusting, so running your forced air fan through your furnace (no heat needed) will help filter the dust and be sure to change your air filters once the project is complete. It can also help to run an air purifier.

Remodel debris

  1. Seal-off the construction area.

Depending on the scope of the remodeling project, there are some options to keep your living areas protected. Check with your contractor, to see whether a simple light vinyl sheeting will work, or if something more substantial, like a tarp, will provide a shield between the work area and your living spaces. The sheeting can be taped across an opening to keep the dust down.

  1. Remove everything you can do without.

Paring down the furniture, tchotchkes, even the paintings and other artwork on the walls is a wise idea. Removing unnecessary items in areas adjacent to the remodeling will make it easier to keep them dust and debris free, as the sheeting can only be expected to keep the majority of the inevitable mess out.

  1. Cover up what you can’t move. 

For many, removing all the furniture in adjacent rooms from a home improvement project would be pretty covering furniture impossible. So, for furniture you can’t or simply don’t want to move, it can be covered with vinyl sheeting or tarps. That will keep the dust out of the fabric.

  1. Clean up in the construction area, too. 

Some professionals are better than others at cleaning up after themselves during a construction project. If the workmen themselves don’t sweep up the excess debris from sheetrock, or sawdust, you may want to ask them to be sure to do so at the end of each day. It can help keep the particulate matter down in your living space and ultimately be healthier for them, as well.

If you are thinking of tackling a large remodeling project and want advice, or to simply schedule an after-construction-project thorough organic cleaning, contact us today!

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