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We know you care about using organic, green, toxic free products to aid in your house cleaning tasks. However, people who keep their homes tidy and clean are surprised to learn their homes have pockets where bacteria and germs often thrive unnoticed. Recent headlines reveal our fears about powerful flu strains and deadly viruses. Yet, when we think we are protecting ourselves; we sometimes overlook things. We forget those surfaces that everyone touches.

Even the best housecleaning service may not always catch or be expected to catch all the spots where germs collect.

Let’s start with those spots that are touched unthinkingly, almost as reflexively as breathing.

  1. Light Switches and Handles

We grab the doorknob to get into our front door and it goes on from there. We flip the light switch, meander around inside, probably hitting more switches. Then we might grab the refrigerator door or a cupboard handle or two before we settle to thumb through our phone’s most recent texts or instant messages. What about those surfaces? When was the last time any of them had a thorough cleaning?

hand flipping light switch to on

They might be on the list for a home’s deep cleaning, but most of those surfaces get less attention, even if you employ a housecleaning service. If anyone in your home is elderly, ill or very young, ensuring that all surfaces containing bacteria are cleaned regularly can be a life-saving precaution.

  1. Microwave

We all know that kitchens can be an incubator for bacteria – from the sink sponge to the top of the trash bin and many surfaces in between. But did you know that your appliances can contain bacteria on the inside? Take that work horse of a microwave. How many times does it get used in a day? When was the last time you cleaned it? Not just wiping it down on the outside but cleaning it on the inside?

Open microwave ovenUsing harsh chemicals on the inside of a microwave is a terrible idea. Going back to basics using non-toxic, simple, organic options. Vinegar is just as effective in cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing the inside surfaces. Lemon oil works well, too. Steam is the catalyst.

  1. Dish Rack

Even people with dishwashers often use dish drying racks for drying small batches of dishes, larger pots or items that simply can’t go into the dishwasher. Mold and bacteria can accumulate in the utensil baskets and under the drying rack itself. Cleaning the rack on a regular basis will depend on how often you use it. Turn it over periodically to check for mold.

  1. Toothbrush holder/Electric Toothbrush handle

If you have one of those cute holders for your family’s toothbrushes, and it can go into the dishwasher (without the toothbrushes) you’d be wise to toss it in at least once, maybe twice a week. Bacteria can build up pretty quickly. That may be due in part to the proximity of a toilet. One flush can cause bacteria laden spray to rise into the air and contaminate nearby surfaces. Storing your toothbrushes as far from the toilet as possible is best.

Electric toothbrushes often stand on their own, without a holder, but don’t be fooled. Where the brush head wand fits into the larger toothbrush handle it can be a pretty scary mess inside. You might not discover that until you have to replace your first brush head. When you do, be prepared to find toothpaste residue and even mold, just like the kind that pools in the bottom of traditional toothbrush holders. Once aware of this, you will want to take your electric toothbrush apart, even between brush head replacements, to keep the entire wand of your toothbrush free of bacteria and mold.

  1. Remotes

4 different remote controlsUnless you have one of the newer voice-controlled TV or streaming devices, your remote may be teaming with bacteria. How many hands handle that device between stuffing chips or veggies laden with dip into their mouths? For most households, the number of small and large hands are numerous. Simply wiping them off once or twice a week might diminish the possibility of spreading a cold throughout the family or passing it from one play date to another (no matter your age).

These simple tips can help keep those often-overlooked areas of your home come clean.

If you would like to learn more about how our organic, green cleaning service can make your life easier, request an estimate today!

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