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Choosing the right house cleaning service can be an exhausting process.

  • How do you know you can trust the service to do what they say?
  • Will they be careful with your precious possessions?
  • Who do they employ to do the work?

All valid questions, especially these days, when inviting anyone into your home can feel more than a little bit dicey. This latest award might help make your decision a little easier.

Organic Cleaning Supreme celebrated their 28th year in business this month.

As an added reason for celebration, they were just voted Best of Marin 2020 by Pacific Sun readers.

Organic Cleaning Supreme

The Pacific Sun is the longest running alternative weekly newspaper in the nation, with an avid readership. This year, they expanded their annual Best of Marin readers’ poll to include 47 new categories and Organic Cleaning Supreme won Best Cleaning Service under the Home Improvement category.

Organic Cleaning Supreme

Owner, Jaime Perez and his staff are experienced and well-versed in using products that are non-toxic and safe for families with compromised immune systems or allergies. Perez took his company green almost 15 years ago. He’d seen too many of his colleagues succumb to cancer after years of exposure to harsh, toxic chemicals.

Health First

Perez explained, “I knew there had to be a better way to provide cleaning services that did not expose workers and homeowners to harsh chemicals, just to maintain a clean, orderly environment. Those deaths touched me deeply and I was convinced there was a better way to serve my clients, while maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.”

Perseverance, integrity and Experience

One of his clients, Ms. Hicks, has used his services for twenty-two years. She said, “Jaime really trains his people well. They know the different things that they have to do when they arrive and then, if you have anything special, you can leave a note and they will do that, too. He really has his team following a system.”

She continued, “I thought it was great that he did all the research required to find the best nontoxic products. I was not surprised because he is so industrious. I know he came to this country with nothing yet was determined to be successful. He’s done that through persistence and hard work.”

Hicks added, “We are away at times, and I never have to worry about the chores we’ve outlined, while we are away and I never have to worry about our belongings. I have implicit trust in his people and in him.”

Clearly, this is the way many clients feel about Organic Cleaning Supreme. A fair number of them were eager to share their enthusiasm through the reader’s poll in the Pacific Sun. Integrity, experience and perseverance make a winning combination. Organic Cleaning Supreme is very grateful for the votes and the dedicated support.

Organic Cleaning Supreme Organic Cleaning Supreme

The entire team is trained and dedicated to adhering to the CDC guidelines to clean your home safely. Please refer to steps taken by Organic Cleaning Supreme to keep you safe from coronavirus.

If you have questions about how to choose a housecleaning service, or about what products are the best to use to keep your home safe and clean, please contact us at (415) 519-7404. We’d be happy to help.



Organic Cleaning Supreme

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