Tips to Live Organically

Giving is all about choices.

We know you care about, not only organic, non-toxic cleaning, but living a more environmentally friendly life. We are thankful for that this Thanksgiving weekend.

We also know the holiday season is upon us. Black Friday and Cyber Monday kick off the gift giving season, so this is a great time to remind ourselves that healthy gift giving is a wonderful way to share the concept of a healthy home.

That isn’t always easy when the pressure is on from so many directions, to buy holiday decorations and gifts. In retail shops, the December holiday decorations were up before Thanksgiving.

The stores are all aglitter with lights and sale signs. How do we buy the right gifts for everyone and still keep our minds on whether something is eco-friendly?

That requires thinking about each purchase before you buy it and bring it into your house, whether you are buying groceries, clothes or products for the home. Taking it a step further, if you apply that standard to your own purchases, you can extend it to your gift choices.


Often, the first thing that comes to mind is something homemade. When you make a gift, you can choose the materials or the ingredients that go into it. Candles can be made out of a variety of ingredients and the one that tops the list is coconut wax, with rapeseed, bees wax and soy close behind.

Healthy Gift Giving

Essential oils can be used for fragrance and are favored over synthetic options. Wicks should be lead and metal free. That means cotton, wood or hemp. Some candles in retail shops detail their ingredients, others don’t.

Baking cookies and candy creations are a great way to honor friendship, love and holidays. Organic ingredients ensure healthier choices and who doesn’t enjoy receiving a gift of love?

Healthy Gift Giving

That includes home baked bread.

Healthy Gift Giving

Next best option

Not everyone has the luxury of time and making gifts requires time. The next best alternative is shopping locally. Marin and the San Francisco Bay Area are rich with local artists, craftspeople and makers spaces. Finding a handcrafted gift among a plethora of riches comes down to narrowing the choices. Half the fun is learning the story behind the creation. You can find handcrafted, organic food delicacies at the local farmers markets, as well as amazing handcrafted jewelry, clothing, pottery and fine art.

Conscious purchases

The most important choice we can make is be conscious of what we purchase. That is one significant step to a healthy home and healthy gift giving. Sharing that concept with friends and family is a conscious choice we make. It can be overt or covert, depending on the recipient. Certainly, we want our family to share our goals. Many of you are well on your way to a healthy home. For those who are still taking steps to make it happen, being conscious about all our purchases is a guide to live by. For gift giving, you can share your eco-friendly goals with friends who will appreciate it. For those that don’t, you can make the choice to buy a healthy gift and simply give it with no fanfare.

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