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The study was small, but the message unmistakable. Chemicals in sunscreen can be absorbed in your bloodstream and there’s a chance that sunscreen could potentially be dangerous. We aren’t surprised, since we covered sunscreens in an earlier blog. We know you are concerned about living organically, in as chemical free an environment as possible.

So, our thoughts turn to laundry. Why?

Because while lotions and sunscreens are applied to your skin periodically, laundry detergent is embedded in the sheets you sleep on and live in the fabric of the clothes you wear.  It can stay close to your skin, day after day, hour after hour. Even if you do an extra rinse cycle, all of the laundry detergent residue will not leave the fabric. We also breathe it in.

Anyone with sensitive skin can attest to the difficulty in finding a detergent that does not irritate their skin. And, if you use a laundry detergent that requires you to dispose of the plastic container as though it were a toxic chemical –  believe it. Read the labels to be sure.

Environmental concerns spurred the creation of commercially available organic or green friendly brands.

  • 1990s – Biodegradable cleaners, conditioners and color-safe bleach are big sale items on the laundry detergent aisle
  • 2000s + – Laundry detergent tablets (all in ones); biodegradable and green friendly products along with water conservation are big ticket issues for modern concepts of laundry detergent.

Today, the choice of organic laundry detergents available commercially continues to grow. You will want to make your choice from among many proven products based on your family’s needs, sensitivities and concerns.

When thinking about laundry, you’ll be pleased to know there is a new laundry service in town, Marin Wash and Fold. Their online system allows you to customize the service so you can choose everything from water temperature, how your clothes are folded, and importantly the detergent your things are laundered in.

Owner of Marin Wash and Fold, Michael Gralnick, said, “My wife and I have three children and we are very aware of how much laundry goes through a household. In a world in which people are shopping online, so they don’t have to go to the store and are having dinner delivered, to save time, we decided a service to help them with their laundry made perfect sense.”

He continued, “We know it isn’t just families who have full-schedules and may not want to do laundry when they get home from work. Millennials, who work long hours may want help with laundry.”

Many millennials are also very concerned about the environment, so having organic laundry detergent options is a great idea and Marin Wash and Fold can help.

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