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The number of people requesting green, organic housecleaning services grows by the day.

Many individuals seeking green, organic housecleaning services have health issues. They suffer from allergies, asthma and/or autoimmune disease. Keeping their homes free of chemicals, dust and other allergens can have an immediate, beneficial impact on their health and that of their family.

Recouping from an illness or surgery?

Health concerns can also arise from an unexpected illness. Anyone planning to recover at home from an illness or operation may choose to have their home thoroughly cleaned before arriving home from the hospital. This is especially true for anyone undergoing treatment for cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation treatment can reduce the effectiveness of a person’s immune system. Natural cleaning products can disinfect as effectively as toxic cleaners.

Who seeks green cleaning services and why?

Environmental Concerns

However, there is another entire segment of the Marin population that is simply interested in creating and maintaining a toxin-free environment because they care about protecting their health and the environment. They want to maintain a healthy environment within their homes, and they don’t want to pollute the air and waterways any further. The overuse of harsh chemical cleaning products has already compromised the environment.

Many household soaps and detergents contain phosphorous and nitrogen that gets washed down the drain and flushed down the toilet during household cleaning. This kind of nutrient pollution from households is combined with the nutrient pollution from agriculture (excess fertilizers and animal manure) storm water runoff in cities, fossil fuels that release nitrogen into the air and waste water systems that fail to remove all the nitrogen or phosphorous before discharging into waterways.

While life depends on nitrogen and phosphorous, too much of a good thing is still too much. It can cause algae to grow too quickly in the water for the ecosystems to handle. This in turn reduces or completely diminishes the oxygen supply in the water. Fish become ill and the over growth of algae often leads to large numbers of fish dying. In addition, it causes health risks for humans and animals.

The EPA explains it this way.
Drinking, accidentally swallowing or swimming in water affected by a harmful algal bloom can cause serious health problems including:

  • Rashes
  • Stomach or liver illness
  • Respiratory problems
  • Neurological affects

It isn’t just nitrogen and phosphorous that concerns scientist and environmentalists. The overuse of home cleaning products like chlorine bleach and ammonia are causing unintended consequences.

According to a report released more than a decade ago, by Women’s Voices for the Earth, the overuse of disinfectants is actually detrimental to our health and the environment. Disinfectants are more like pesticides, than cleaners. They are designed to kill microbes. But all microbes are not harmful and using disinfectants indiscriminately can actually cause harmful microbes to build up a resistance and become superbugs. There are health issues associated with the use of disinfectants, like asthma irritants. Their advice includes going back to the basics by using natural products to clean your home. Steam cleaning is also a recommended option.

If you are interested in joining a growing number of individuals who want cleaner air, water and a healthier environment book an appointment with us today. We offer green cleaning solutions. Also, you can learn more about our free monthly cleaning donations to cleaning4kids.org, for families who have a child with cancer.





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