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Housecleaning can be done safely, even in a time of COVID-19. Taking the proper precautions is important for the homeowners and your families. Safety precautions are important for the team doing the cleaning, too. That’s why we’ve worked with our team to understand three important things about masks.

According to the CDC, choosing a mask, wearing it correctly and caring for it properly are all important elements of staying safe.

1. How to Choose the Right Mask

3 Mask Safety Tips for Housecleaners and Homeowners



2. How to Wear a Mask Correctly

You might think people know how to wear a mask, but don’t be surprised if you see people with a mask under, rather than over their nose. That fails to protect them from airborne droplets. Also, a mask that has gaps at the side of your face is less affective in protecting you.

3 Mask Safety Tips for Housecleaners and Homeowners


3. Caring for Your Mask

Be sure to wash your hands before putting your mask on. Handle the mask by the elastic or by the ties and be careful when wearing the mask to keep your hands off of it. Touch it as little as possible when taking it off, too.

Cloth masks should be washed often. They can be thrown into the wash, with other items but adjust the water temperature based on recommendations for the type of fabric the mask is made out of. They can be dried in the dryer but use only the heat setting appropriate for the fabric it is made of so it doesn’t shrink.

3 Mask Safety Tips for Housecleaners and HomeownersFor more information, visit the CDC’s How to Wash Masks web page.

The more we all know about the precautions we can take to stay safe, the sooner we may be able to trust each other to do our jobs with everyone’s health in mind.

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