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What does damp weather mean for your home?
After a long dry spell, the rains finally hit Marin again. While many rejoiced, if you or someone in your family, has allergies or a chronic condition like asthma, the damp brings concerns.

Aside from the fact that plants grow, and pollen will follow, something else grows in the damp. Mold.

What conditions support mold?
The Environmental Protection Agency dedicates an entire 20-page publication to the subject of mold in the home, from why it grows, to the related health problems, how to get rid of it and who should clean it up. It’s a great resource with tips and advice on how to prevent mold, along with ways to eliminate the problem, if it rears its ugly head.

If you ignore mold, the problem won’t simply go away. Since mold thrives on moisture, the areas of the home most at risk are those that support the growth of mold.

Mold can only grow if these conditions exist in a home:

  • Mold spores
  • Moisture (from standing water, leaks, humidity)
  • Darkness (mold, like vampires, can’t survive in ultraviolet light)
  • A food source (like fabrics, drywall or damp wood)
  • Warmth (freezing temperatures kill mold)
  • Incubation time – 24 to 48 hours, if all other conditions are in sync
  • Oxygen

What areas of the home come to mind?
Where the pipes are, is a great place to start.

The kitchen and bathroom are suspect areas.

Another area is condensation that forms around less than tightly sealed windows and doors.

Damp Weather And Your Home

Basements are less common in Marin County, than in other areas of the country, but if you have one, you may want to check it. If the drainage outside your home is not shedding moisture and you find standing water pooling anywhere near the foundation of your home, moisture and mold may follow.

Roof leaks are a major culprit for mold, as they often aren’t discovered right away, and mold has a chance to thrive in the dark.

What can you do?
If you discover serious problems with mold, you will want to call in an expert mold removal firm that specializes in toxic clean-up.

If you are one of those individuals who wants to prevent mold, or remove it before it becomes a problem, keeping your home dry, well-ventilated, free of leaks and clean should do the trick. Call our San Rafael office today at (415) 519-7404.

Discover how effective A Home Maintenance’s cleaning techniques can be. We specialize in the use of high-heat steamers with dry steam to eliminate 99.99% of harmful bacteria like mold or mildew.

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