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The difference between regular housecleaning and deep cleaning can feel as complicated as the first time you face a professional car wash. The menu of choices may need some explanation – from drive-through, brushless, hand wash, exterior detailing, vinyl conditioning, interior vacuuming, to a premier detail. Housecleaning services can feel the same way. The beauty of non-toxic cleaning is that you don’t have the added worry about what chemicals will be used.

The difference between regular housecleaning and deep cleaning doesn’t have to be complex. In a regular housecleaning session, the word regular is the operative word. What gets done every week or every other week are tasks like:

Deep Cleaning vs. Housecleaning

  • Decluttering
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Taking out the trash
  • Scouring the Bathroom
  • Cleaning the Kitchen
  • Recycling Paper & Plastics

When the housecleaning is scheduled, many families go around decluttering before the housecleaning team arrives. That means they toss or shred the unwanted junk mail, stack important paperwork in one place, put the kids toys away, clear the bathroom of wet towels and hang up the clothes that get tossed on chairs and sometimes the floor.

The cleaning team comes in to do the dusting, vacuuming and then the mopping. Some cleaners will include a light dusting of venetian blinds and a quick vacuuming of couches and chairs. The smaller throw rugs are taken out and shaken, but the area rugs are often left in place. The team scours the bathroom – the sink, the tub, and the toilet, even the bidet if you have one. Oh, and let’s not forget the mirrors.

Deep Cleaning vs. Housecleaning

In the kitchen, regular cleaning means wiping down all the surfaces. From the countertops, the stovetop, butcherblock the outside of the refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, even to the spice rack.

Seasonal cleaning might include rolling up the area carpets, to vacuum and mop beneath. Most cleaners provide a list of twice yearly, or quarterly tasks you can opt to have completed.

A deep cleaning takes more time, attention to detail and often special equipment. It differs from regular and seasonal cleaning because it gets into those dark and often forgotten places where grim and mold love to accumulate.

Think of it as cleaning something inside and out. It helps to have a checklist, if you have areas of special concern. A family with pets might want special attention paid to the room where the pets spend most of their time.

 Deep Cleaning Checklist

Removing anything that doesn’t belong in the rooms to be cleaned will assist in the preparation

Kitchen Checklist:

Cleaning appliances inside and out

Refrigerator (empty first)
Clean and organize the freezer
Vacuum refrigerator coils
Deep clean the dishwasher
Clean the oven
Clean the hood vent and if check/change the filter
Clean stove top burners
Reorganize/clean kitchen cupboards and drawers
Clean and disinfect small appliances
Clean under the sink
Deep clean floors
Disinfect doorknobs, light fixtures and pulls

Deep Cleaning vs. Housecleaning

For Family Areas or Living Rooms:

Dust ceiling fans
Wash light globes and clean bulbs
Dust lamps and shades
Dust picture frames and mirrors
Dust electronics
Dust crown molding, floor molding and wall corners
Vacuum under and behind furniture and in between cushions
Vacuum all carpet areas
Clean windows and sills
Remove scuff marks from door and moldings

Bathrooms Checklist:

Clean bathroom exhaust fan
Clean air vents from the ceiling
Clean light fixtures
Clean and disinfect light switches and fixtures
Clean and disinfect toothbrush holders
Clean mirror
Clean shower head
Scrub walls/tiles
Clean shower curtain and liner or
Descale shower door glass
Descale shower glass
Clean plastic runner at the bottom of glass shower door
Disinfect counter tops
Dust and clean windows, inside and outside
Mop and scrub floors
Scrub and disinfect toilet, also around base, under seat and around hinges
Wash trash can
Wipe down cabinets, knobs, towel racks and toilet paper holder
Clean, organize and de-clutter cabinets and drawers
Clean, organize and de-clutter bathroom closet

Checklist For Bedrooms:

Dust ceiling, corners, and upper and lower crown moldings
Dust ceiling fan
Dust baseboards and windowsills
Dust and polish furniture
Clean mirrors and pictures
Dust lamps and vacuum shades
Clean light fixtures
Organize closet
Wash pillows
Vacuum mattress
Vacuum under the bed
Make bed with clean sheets
Wash windows
Vacuum carpet, including edges and under furniture

Checklist for Additional Items:

Carpet cleaning/stain removal beyond vacuuming.
Window washing throughout
Small appliance repair or cleaning.
Descaling of faucets
Cleaning vent covers
Porch and patio cleaning

Naturally, the best time to do a really deep cleaning is before you move into a new home. Everything is more accessible. Even though a home can appear clean and ready to move in, it’s always great to tackle cleaning inside closets and cabinets before anything goes in. The same holds true for entire rooms.

If you are moving into a new home or want to start your cleaning with a deep clean, and would like a quote, please call us today at (415) 519-7404.

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