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Pre-holiday cleaning tips for your home to welcome guests.

The holiday season is about to begin. We all want to make the best impression on friends and family who come to visit. You don’t have to get out the Q-Tips or heavy chemicals to spiff up your environment. Don’t wait until their plane touches down at San Francisco or Oakland International Airports. Start now to get your Marin home clean and ready to welcome your guests.

  1. Prioritize

Take a stroll through your home and assess whether de-cluttering might be the first order of business. What we live with normally and what we might put away in preparation for company could be quite different. Also, if your home is not normally buzzing with little children, and little ones are expected, you may want to take a hard look at your collectables and other precious objet d’art on that low shelf in the guest room or coffee table in the living room. Simply placing them high on a bookshelf could save everyone from an unnecessary mishap. Now, you can think about cleaning the most important rooms first.

  1. Kitchen

Whether you love to cook or not, the kitchen is a room that can become a focal point of a holiday gathering. This makes it a likely candidate for a thorough cleaning. Uncluttering your countertops and putting seldom used items in a temporary storage box in the garage will give you more room for the items that come out of your cupboards once or twice a year, like the big serving platters, Aunt Millie’s soup tureen and the party silver.

If you love to cook, your butcher block, stovetop, indoor grill, stove hood, nearby countertops and other surfaces may benefit from a deep cleaning. Next, emptying the refrigerator is a good move. Throw out those three-quarter empty bottles of barbeque sauce and red Thai curry. Wash the shelves and bins. This will make room for the holiday goodies. Naturally, wiping down all exposed surfaces (appliances, cabinets, wall decorations) will make the room shine, along with the kitchen sink.

  1. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are next on the list of rooms that are used more frequently when company visits. A clean bathroom is essential, from floor, to toilet, to sink to shower. A thoughtfully stocked guest bathroom can make your visitors feel welcomed in subtle and overt ways. In the rush to pack, and make that airline flight, the simple essentials like the travel toothbrush might be left behind. How thoughtful to have a few new, unopened toothbrushes in the guest bathroom. In fact, a “welcome basket” with individual size soaps, lotions, cotton swabs, even a travel size hairspray and some foil packets of Tylenol or aspirin are a great gesture. You might even add the shampoo and conditioner for the shower/tub. Colorful, soft, cotton hand towels, washcloths, bath sheets and bath mats are a lovely touch.

  1. Windows

Being able to see the great autumn colors, the first dusting of snow or the sparkling holiday lights, could mean cleaning your windows enough to see out of them easily. You can use a simple solution of water and vinegar inside and out, or you may prefer to call on a professional if your home is more than one story and requires a long ladder to reach the windows and/or skylights.

Expecting company for the holidays? 5 Tips for a clean guest-ready home.

  1. A Welcoming Entryway

First impressions matter. Dust off that welcome mat, sweep the front walk and remove any cobwebs off the light fixtures. Make sure the bulbs in your outdoor lights are working and illuminate your entryway sufficiently. You might even add a wreath for some holiday cheer. Your guests will know from the moment they arrive, that you are prepared and ready to welcome their stay.

If any of the prep work feels overwhelming, you can always save time and energy by calling in the professionals. Call us or book today, for a non-toxic, organic, green cleaning. Either way – enjoy the holidays!

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