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Spring is here and as you are cleaning out your home for that classic “spring cleaning”, we wanted to share about cleaning supplies. Often, it’s not clear how often you should trade out and replace cleaning supplies – and we are here to help with this guide. 

The frequency of replacing cleaning supplies can vary depending on the type of supplies and how frequently they are used, however, here are some general guidelines:

  • Sponges and Dishcloths: Replace kitchen sponges and dishcloths every 1 to 2 weeks, or sooner if they start to smell or show signs of wear. These items can harbor bacteria and germs, especially if they are not allowed to dry properly between uses.
  • Cleaning Brushes: Replace cleaning brushes used for dishes, surfaces, or other cleaning tasks as needed. If the bristles become frayed, worn, or flattened, it’s time for a replacement. This could range from a few months to a year, depending on usage.
  • Microfiber Cloths: Microfiber cloths can be washed and reused multiple times before needing replacement. However, if they become heavily soiled, damaged, or lose their effectiveness at trapping dust and dirt, it’s time to replace them. This might be every few months to a year, depending on use and care.
  • Vacuum Cleaner Filters and Bags: Check and replace vacuum cleaner filters and bags according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This could range from every few months to once a year, depending on the type of filter or bag and how often you vacuum.
  • Mop Heads: Replace mop heads regularly, especially if they become frayed, smelly, or visibly dirty. Depending on the type of mop and how often it’s used, this could be every few months to a year.
  • Cleaning Solutions: Cleaning solutions typically have expiration dates printed on the packaging. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for storage and use, and replace solutions that have expired or become less effective over time.
  • Gloves: Replace cleaning gloves as needed, especially if they become torn, punctured, or visibly soiled. With proper care, rubber or latex gloves can last for several uses, but they should be replaced when they show signs of wear.
  • Brooms and Dustpans: Replace brooms and dustpans as needed if they become worn, damaged, or ineffective at sweeping up dirt and debris. Higher-quality brooms may last longer with proper care.

Ultimately, the key is to inspect your cleaning supplies regularly and replace them when they show signs of wear, damage, or decreased effectiveness. Additionally, practicing good hygiene and proper cleaning techniques can help extend the life of your cleaning supplies and maintain a clean and healthy home environment.

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