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Memorial Day weekend is upon us and with it, the unofficial start of the summer season! Whatever your summer may hold, we all enjoy the season best with some thoughtful cleaning preparation. What needs to be cleaned as we head into summer? Here is a short list to get you ready for the season:

Deep clean your Barbeque Grill AND Tools!

The sunny weather means it’s time for your barbeque to shine, something that really can only happen if your outdoor grill is literally shining because it’s so clean! Use a solution of XXX to scrub down and clean your grill. Also, nothing is worse than having a group of friends or family over to use the barbeque only to realize you don’t have your grilling tools ready. Make sure to locate the tools you will need and give them a good clean and sanitization in the sink or dishwasher. Then, enjoy those burgers!

Freshen up Curtains and Windows

The curtains are open to let in the breeze and expose the beautiful outdoor views: so make sure both are ready for their big moment. Take down and wash curtains according to directions and deep clean windows and blinds. Now is also the time to caulk any potential openings on windows.

Replace Filters

Now is the time to purchase any new filters needed for your HVAC system as well as air purifiers. With temperatures heating up, chances are high you will be running your AC and air units more regularly. In addition, being located in the Bay Area means fire season is around the corner and in-home air filters are an easy way to make sure your indoor air quality remains safe for you, your family and any guests.

Supreme Clean is here and happy to get you ready for the summer season – in a safe and organic way! Call us today to discuss options and rates (415) 519-7404

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