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As most of us know by now, the 2023 spring season has been a particularly tough allergy season, and it’s still here: June often brings peak levels of grass pollen. While we cannot escape allergens outdoors, there are a few ways to give yourself a reprieve from them indoors, in your home. So, how can you keep your house as allergen free as possible while pollen levels soar outside?

Close Those Windows

Keep your windows and doors closed as much as possible – this prevents outside pollen and allergens from entering your home. If possible and an option, run air conditioning to keep cool.

No Shoes Inside

Implement a no-shoes-inside policy. This prevents you and others from tracking outdoor residue (including pollen!) inside. Also, when entering your home, remove outerwear as soon as possible.

Change Your Filter

Change the filter on your air purifier. Many people have air filters – make sure it’s a HEPA filter – but a lot of people forget to change the filter. Putting in a new filter is an essential step to keep your home clear of allergens.

Quality Vacuuming

Vacuum regularly and make sure you have a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Vacuuming regularly removes allergens and dust mites.

Pet Bath Time

If you have a pet, bathe them frequently to prevent allergens from entering your home and remaining on your pet’s fur.

Regular House Cleanings

Perform regular house cleanings. A clean house means limited indoor allergens and allergy relief!

Supreme Clean is here and happy to clean your home and help eliminate indoor allergens – in a safe and organic way! Call us today to discuss options and rates (415) 519-7404.

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