Tips to Live Organically

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we are practicing extra gratitude and wanted to share the household products we are most grateful for! These items are essential to have on-hand to ensure your home stays clean and fresh in a healthy and organic way. 

Baking Soda: one of our all-time favorite products and often featured in our blogs, baking soda has abrasive qualities so it is great for cleaning. Use it to clean tough areas like the oven and bathroom grout. In addition, baking soda helps neutralize odors!

Lemons: we love rubbing a lemon on faucets to make them very shiny! Among other things, lemons when mixed with vinegar (see below) and water, make a great cleaning solution for your home, including your floors. And if you don’t use all your lemons to clean, you can always pop it into a cup of hot water as a soothing morning or evening drink.

White Distilled Vinegar: another one of our must-have household ingredients, vinegar acts as a great cleaning agent. The acidic nature of vinegar is so powerful it can dissolve mineral deposit, dirt, grease, and grime. It’s also strong enough to kill bacteria. Combine with other ingredients like lemon from above, and you have a natural and organic cleaning solution!

Microfiber Cloths: Microfiber cloths cut down on waste and absorb water more than cotton, therefore cleaning tasks such as mopping require less water. 

Toothbrushes: Don’t throw out that old toothbrush! Stash it with your cleaning supplies and use it to get the corner of showers and hard to reach places that need extra scrubbing. 

Our Clients: More than anything we are grateful for the opportunity to clean the homes of our amazing clients! We are proud of the organic cleaning services we offer and thank you for trusting us with your cleaning needs. 

Supreme Clean continues to be here for your  organic, non-toxic, safe and effective methods. Call us today to discuss options and rates (415) 519-7404 or visit our website


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